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SparrowMint ProductGallery is a contemporary, artist run gallery founded in 2017 with Pop-Up exhibitions around NYC.

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Current featured exhibition:
SparrowMint ProductGallery is pleased to present "Molasses", a New York solo show of Alysa Rowlands (USA).
Pop-Up Gallery exhibition dates Nov 22-28, 2022 in New York, NY

The "Molasses" Series are thoroughly modern paintings constructed on 3 interlocking components of classic painting: Color, Perspective, and Narrative.

The striking Color is created through thin glazes of translucent paint pigments, alternated with scumbled semi-opaque layers to build mass and volume. White is generally only mixed with yellows and oranges.

Traditional Renaissance Perspective techniques are re-imagined by triangulating the space between objects within the painting, creating a unique sense of depth

Each painting has a consistent set of Narrative elements to tell an open-ended story; A human or avatar are interacting with a landscape with sky and clouds, a water source and grass and some type of modern architecture and other evidence of modern man.

Those building blocks create a problem with a near infinite number of solutions.

Outside of the Pop-Up Exhibition, SparrowMint Product Gallery is available through and through The gallery/studio is open to the public by appointment only.

For press inquiries, studio visit requests or questions, please contact Alysa Rowlands at alysa [!at]

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