Sparrowmint Product Gallery hosted a pop-up exhibition Nov 22-27, 2022 at 2 Rivington St, NY NY 10002!

Alysa Rowlands ran the pop-up, with @PeanutCardigan.

Most common questions that came from guests over the week:

  • Who is the artist? The artist is Alysa Rowlands, I made these. People didn't seem to believe me on this point, and would ask mutiple times
  • Are the paintings oil pastel? No, the painting are high end oil paint applied with a dry brush technique using sable brushes and qtips in very thin layers over several months The surface texture is created organically. I had people argue with me that they were actually oil pastel.
  • How long do the paintings take to make? I only do 1 or 2 paintings a year, the paintings in the Molasses series took 6-9 months each from start to finish
  • What kind of dog is Peanut? Peanut is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi who came from a preservation breeder (his parents are champion show dogs). All dogs are good dogs. Please adopt and don't buy from pet stores! If you are set on a purebreed dog please go through Breed Associations to find responsible breeders such